Chemistry Doesn't Have To Be Hard.

To learn chemistry is to understand chemistry. offers a completely free online chemistry course that allows YOU to learn what YOU want to learn at YOUR own pace. Whether you want to learn chemistry for your own benefit, for work, or for school, is the place to do it.

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Learn what you want.

We all have different reasons for learning chemistry. Some of us want a better understanding to help us in school. Some of us work in a similar field. Some of us want to pursue a hobby where chemistry could come in handy. Whatever the motivation, learn what you want, skip what you don't.


Learn it your way.

We all learn differently. Some of us need to see something in order to understand, while it may come easier or more difficult to some people. utilizes a variety of good and modern technology to help you understand- regardless of how you learn.


Learn at your own pace.

With, you can devote as much or as little of you time as you want to learning chemistry. Unlike taking expensive college classes, ScienceHideout's signature Chemistry as a Second Language classes can be watched whenever you feel like it. You can fast forward what you already know and rewind what you need to hear again.


Learn chemistry together.

You are not alone. Millions of people worldwide wish they knew a little bit more about chemistry. is not only a website- it is a community. Using modern technology combined with social networks, your questions can be answered.